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19 September 2011

Layer Over LINQ

Hai Friends,

This post contains the details about a new data-access component on top of entity framework. So due to this reason, it can improve the performance of the application as well as the productivity of the developer to develop the application.

It has mainly 5 features:
  • Eliminate Linq to Entity Limitations
  • Powerful dynamics query operators.
  • Decouple from the data.
  • Reusable query fragments.
  • Automatic Linq query compilation.
These are the good features it has.

For the more details, you can visit the below link:

15 September 2011

3-Tier Architecture

Hai Friends,

This is the post which will define the small demo regarding the 3-tier architecture where i have explained all the layers- Application layer, Business Logic Layer and Data Access Layer and their interaction to perform the architecture of tried.

See the below link:

14 September 2011

Time in Dropdown list

Hai Friends,

As we know in ASP.Net, that there is no Built in control in which can display only the time (We have datetime picker in windows application where we can choose the enum value as time only to show the time).
So in this article we will take help of ASP.Net Dropdown list to show the time only to fulfill our requirements.
See the below link:

Date-Time functions

Hai Friends,

This article will describe all the date time functions which are introduced in the latest version of SQL Server (SQL Server 2008R2) including all the previous functions.
This post is useful to all those who work in Sql server database domain.

See the link below:

9 September 2011

N-Tier Architecture

Hai Friends,

This is the post which is showing the n-tier architecture using the GridView implementation.

Here i am showing mainly 4 layers -

1. Application layer/UI layer
2. Business Object layer
3. Business Logic Layer
4. Data Access layer

Here in this article I am showing how these layers interact with each other through code implementation.
It will be useful for all those who are new learner of the architectures.

See the link below: