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4 November 2011

Visual Studio Light Switch

Hai Friends,

This post will talk about the latest version of visual studio named as "Light Switch". 

This resource will describe about the new development tool which is the extension of Visual Studio 2011 with lot of features as inbuilt so that the developer only need to think about the application business logic rather than thinking about the whole application architecture and design.

The Light switch application contains many default functionality which are required for every business applications like 
  • Search capabilities: – the business application will have the search feature to search the contents inside the business applications.
  • Sort capabilities: - The business application will also have the sorting and rearranging capabilities in the grid where the data is displayed
  • Export: – this is also a generic requirement where the export feature is also built-in. Means all the business application created by using LightSwitch will have default export functionality of the data.
  • Addition to all the above features, the LightSwitch application will also have the default features to add, update, save and delete features. 
  • The data validation logic is also built-in in the LightSwitch business applications. It means the data which is inserted/updated or deleted can be controlled by using the validations. 
  • Extended features: - With the above all features, there are few extended features like appearance of the application, we can use custom controls. Also we can format the UI by writing the custom business types.
      See the details at the below link: 

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