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18 March 2012

Creating Code Snippet with the Shortcut in Visual Studio 2010

Hai friends,
Today i was thinking that lot many times we gets fed-up with writing lot of duplicate code so can't we create such type of shortcut so that no need to write the whole code and we can do it with a small shortcut. Then I created a Code snippet for the header of the files which will write the below stuff for me by just writing a small shortcut FHC and there are few place holders which we need to write it and its done:
//                       CTSInvoiceBO.cs
//       This file is the code for Business Objects of CTS invoice.
//               Modification Control Log
// Date           By  Version  Description
// 03/18/2012  PA  1.0       Business Objects of CTS invoice
Then i created a snippet file and added to my visual studio IDE and now i don't need to write all this code manually. There are few place holders which we need to update and rest all code and other format will be done automatically.
Guys you can follow the below link where you can get the detailed description of how we can create this Code snippet and how can we attach it with our Visual Studio IDE and also how to create the shortcut's for it.

Hope it will be helpful for most of the programmer who work in the maintenance projects where they need to define such kind of header for the file..

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