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8 April 2012

18 most common validation scripts to validate the Controls in ASP.Net

Hai Friends,
Many times, we search in the Google to get the correct validations expression to validate our textboxes. And its true that we get various links where others have given their own validations expressions and controls using some scripts, regular expressions etc.
Then we implement those expressions and at the end, we found that it’s not working and again we start our search for the next link. It becomes very complicated whenever we have to fix the validation issue in a very small time and then we didn’t get the correct expression.
So dear folks, now nothing to worry as I have created a CommonScript.js file which contains the validation expression and they all are tested and in my project.
Like you, I also did the same and finally got this file which contains all the general use validation expressions to validate our controls. This CommonScript.js file can be modified as per your requirements like changing the message, modifying the scripts etc.
You can go through the below link for the detailed description:


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