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1 February 2013

MVC 3: MVC (Model View Controller) with Razor Engine

Hai Friends,
Now a days most of companies are asking the latest technology guys specially in Microsoft Technologies as Microsoft Corporation is releasing many technologies day over day. In all those MVC (Model View Controller) is one of them which is very hot in the markets now a days.
So all the Microsoft Techies are looking forward to get in to this new technology as it helps them to get new job, to improve there technical skills and be updated with the current industry standards and requirements.
This is the small initiation in this regards in form of a technical posts. 
This article will  describe about the MVC with Razor Engine
 (MVC 3), about how to create the Controller classes, 
Model classes and generate the Views automatically through the Razor Engine.
 The article is written with all the steps used to create the MVC3 application 
with ASP.Net.
Hope this article will be useful for those who are looking forward to create 
the applications in MVC3 (MVC with Razor) pattern. 
Please go through the below link to get the details about creating the 
MVC3 application in ASP.Net:  

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