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14 July 2014

Windows Application using 3-tier architecture

Hi Friends,

Do you have fear of thinking the layered architecture?? How to create it? What kind of project we need to include for creating layers?? How the layer communicates to each other??
How we can create the architecture by our own. Is this the job of architect? What all the things we should be consider while creating the layered applications. How the layers will talk to each other etc.
All of these questions come to our mind when we think about the layers architecture. So Today I am going to show all of these things in my article.
You will see the practical implementation of all including the coding with the standards so that you can adapt the similar things when writing the actual code in the projects.
below is the link where you can find the detailed description with the snapshots for all the steps of create in the windows application using 3 -tier architecture:

Hope it will be helpful to you.


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